Why are we biking 4,000+ miles across the United States?

Our mission is simple, to connect girls with their local food chains by working together to support community- based agricultural projects, as well as to encourage girls to stay healthy by participating in recreational activities. By helping girls make the connection between exercise and eating locally, and healthier and more connected communities, we hope to encourage the development of strong women who are conscious of the local issues facing themselves and their communities.

To achieve this goal we are partnering with 7-10 Girl Scout troops, volunteering with them at local farms, cooking meals from food we harvest together, and talking about the environmental impacts of the food industry. Our interest in Girl Scouting stems from the organization’s demonstrated efforts to develop female leaders, and because the organization provides a structure within which to connect girls with local foods issues.

This is our way of giving back. Since a young age we were blessed by supportive families and communities that encouraged us to develop strong passions for outdoor activities. Further interaction with adult community leaders fostered a strong understanding of our own capabilities and potential as human beings  We understand that many girls do not have the kind of support network and role models that we had- and we hope to inspire girls across the country to gain confidence in their  bodies and to enjoy sports and being outside.

In addition, it has become clear to us that it is important to support small, local farms for personal health and also for the health of the environment. Fresh, pesticide-free food is delicious, healthy, and fun to grow and harvest. Through time at the Dickinson College Farm, our local farmers markets, and interaction with a large landscape of people, we have experienced how communities are built and strengthened through the growth of their own food, and we hope to bring this experience to others.

Lastly, as you might have noticed, we love to be outside! Biking across the country is an absolute dream and we are so excited to see new places and meet new people along the way!



  1. You guys are awesome!!!!!


  2. Love why you girls are doing this!
    be healthy and save the planet go hand in hand.
    Greetings from sweden.

  3. Amen..

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