Sponsor us!

We’ve raised all of the money in our budget and will now be collecting donations for the Localmotive Scholarship FundThank you so much for your support! We also have t-shirts and other items for sale – see the link below!

If you’re interested in becoming one of our sponsors, please contact us or use the PayPal link below! You can find our complete budget/breakdown of costs HERE. You can also purchase Localmotive t-shirts and gift certificates donated by local companies. If you decide to contribute to our tour, we will post your name or organization logo here and on the back of the jersey we will be wearing across the country. Thanks!

Corporate Sponsors

Bruns Bros. Process Equipment Inc.









Individual supporters 

Joan O’Rourke, Helen Takacs, Angelo Lan, Nicola Tynan & family, Sharon Perrone, Nicole Davidson, Arnedo Asuncion, Sara Raab, Lily Benjamin, Paul Kuhlman, Patrick May, Suri Smith, Avery McGuire, Nina Loannidor, Ag Manta, Katelyn Repash, Amy Woolf, Claire Persichetti, Ariel Graham, Meredith Meisenhemer, Christine Burns, Anna McGinn, Tucker Deady, Amanda Vandenburg, Tayler Thompson, GumshoesMiles Nelson, James “Miles Nelson” Riley, Carolyn Flower, Jessica Deitrick, Sam Pollan, Chris Bratton, Emily Bowie, Elise Minichiello, Melissa Kelly, Nicole Allegra Davidson, Mary Ann Eggrs, Kate Nelson, Angelo Lan, Kristen Kecine, Anubhav Mohan, Holly and Mildred Spalding, Taylor Wilmot, Megan Moody, Helen Hopper, Kyle Long, Sam Parker, Tehe Chai, Charlie Alcorn,Evan Kendall, Doni Hoffman, Brendan Bowton, Jarrod Bouchard, Erin Panek (KFS), Ulrike & David Martin, Jim & Karin Thompson, Steve and Lisa Johnson, Elise Rodriguez, Wendy and Bill Schickler, Jack Panek, Kennett Square Farmers Market, Tom Brighthman/Tara Tracy, Wendy Myers, Yumei Liu, Wick Williams, Richie Jones and family, Brian Chan, Dustin Lutomski, Fabiola Correa, Carol Little, Stacy Remphrey, Jennifer Spisak, Margie Clyde, Christina McHutchison, Beth Nanis, Clare Geleta, Jewell Thacher, Matthew “Gopher” Gunneman, Edwin “William Walker” Terrell, Molly Leach, Christy Ilgenfritz, Meghan “Love Turtle” Hemmenway, Ben Herman, Katie Bug “Avery” Mickey, Abby Mickey, Marlene Mickey, Jim Mickey, John Panek, the Martin family, Tanner Burgdof, Mike Bruns, Leona Bruns, Nelson Bruns, Fiona Owens, Amanda Kimball, Kathy Lowe, Patty Bruns, Jeannie Butts, Nancy and Walt Stamper, Laurie and Larri Welling, Norma Hobbs, Brain Gawthrop, Zac “The Boss” Crawford, Jeff Price, James Burns, Bob and Cheryl LaRossa, Andrea Wiley, Tracey Coulter, Jerry Mock, Cheryl Burns, Anna Lappe, Megan Moody, Anne Maiale, Beutin Family, The Carlson family, Kait “Freckles” Riley, Anne Maiale, Greg Howard, Jim Ciarrocca, Dennis Driscoll



Moral Supporters  

Sarah Brylinsky, Lachezar Manasiev 



  1. sweet, i gotta nickname!

  2. My nickname is cooler

  3. It looks like you have an exciting adventure ahead of you. We will be watching your progress with real interest. Be safe out there.

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