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The Localmotive Tour co/ Katie Panek

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  1. Hello from Topeka, KS! I have a 9th grade daughter and many of us here in the capital city would love to meet you, you meet with our young girls, and be happy to give you a comfortable place to stay! Is there anyway your map can get you through here?? There are many of us that would be happy to help make it possible to come this way!! Please be in touch. Thank you, Debra Thomas

    • Hi Debra,
      It looks like Cassoday, KS will be our closest stop to Topeka. (90 miles and 1 1/2 hours by car). We would love to meet with you and work with the girls even if we can’t make it all the way to Topeka. What about meeting for the day at El Dorado State Park? You can reach me by replying to this post, via email (, or by phone (508-736-1383). I look forward to speaking with you! Best,

  2. Good luck ladies! My husband and I did the Adventure Cycling TransAmerica trip in the summer of 2001. You will have an amazing time, see the heart of America, and meet lots of fellow cyclists along the way. Unfortunately, by going from east to west, you’ll be hitting some of the hilliest terrain at the beginning of the trip, so I hope you’re training HARD! We look forward to hearing more about your journey. -Lorraine

    • Thanks for reading!! Did you keep a blog or anything?

  3. Hello—We would like to show you all a little of Kansas farming. I am a Girl Scout Leader and my troop would really enjoy visiting with you. We live a one of your stop,
    Rush Center. So please let us know if time a louds you to stop and visit and tour a local farm and how it runs.. Thanks Clara

    • hi glad you are on your way… good luck!!!! please let me know.. clara

  4. Looks like the trip of a lifetime. Remember to go easy on yourselves and each other when the going gets rough. Be grateful to be healthy and able to see our country this way!

    Project SHARE Food Bank and its staff, recipients and volunteers are cheering you on as you travel! Ride for those who can’t! We’ll keep checking back to see your progress. God Bless you.

  5. You three lovely ladies are a true inspiration. Keep it up and take pictures of how huge your leg muscles get.

    Love love love – Annie

    • Hope you are having a wonderful summer Annie! We are definitely taking lots of pictures : )

  6. I am the new Assistant Director of CSE at Dickinson. Looking forward to meeting you all and putting together a program where you can share this amazing experience with all of us here… We will have a lot to learn from you. Stop in when you return and we can chat about how to promote a sharing event for you all.

  7. Congratulation,
    ich habe mit Begeisterung und Bewunderung eure super Tour verfolgt.Was muss das für ein tolles Gefühl sein, so etwas geschafft zu haben.Die körperliche Anstrengung, die Auseinandersetzung mit der Natur und wahrscheinlich viele interessante Begegnungen mit ganz verschiedenen Menschen. Ihr habt euer riesiges Land sicher gut kennengelernt und auch euch selbst noch viel besser.Diese Erfahrung wird sicher ein Schatz für euer weiteres Leben sein. Ich wünsche Euch viel Glück für euren weiteren Lebensweg. Alles Liebe aus dem kleinen Deutschland. Heike

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