All three of us attend Dickinson College in Carlisle, Pennsylvania.


  • Hometown: Gunnison, CO
  • Major: Environmental Studies

Katie dreams of combining her interests in women’s health, sustainablity,  and South America by pursuing graduate studies in a related field.  She loves being outside, whether mountain biking single track in Colorado or hiking backcountry trails at Philmont Scout Ranch in New Mexico. Following the bike trip, Katie will be working as a cartographer for Nomadas Outdoor Services in Punta Arenas, Chile.

  • Greatest adventure so far: Learning to breathe underwater while scuba diving in Panama
  • Little known fact: Plays the violin and mandolin


  • Hometown: Chadds Ford, PA
  • Major: Environmental Science

Kerstin’s passion for the outdoors began when she was growing up, playing in the woods and streams behind her house. She also had the opportunity to spend many summers in her mother’s home country of Germany, where local, in season food is common and other environmental projects are prominent. In her first semester at Dickinson she took an introductory environmental science class, in which she realized she could pursue a major and career in something she absolutely loves and is fascinated by. Kerstin will be working at a Quaker school in California this fall teaching, farming, and cooking. Outside of class, she loves to run, hike, and play beach volleyball, as well as cook and bake with her housemates.

  • Favorite food: Sweet potatoes
  • Best summer job: Working with an arborist crew climbing trees
  • Greatest adventure so far: Studying in Auroville, India for a semester


  • Hometown: Gray, Maine
  • Major: Environmental Science

Lauren has a strong desire to explore the world and connect with others who share the passion to live life as fully as possible. She grew up with the fields and forests of Maine in her backyard and the ocean just a ride away. She has taken every opportunity presented to travel the world, developing her enthusiasm for adventures and explorations of different cultures. As exciting as she finds travel, she will always be drawn back to her family, blueberry fields, sunsets and starry nights in Maine. She has broadened her innate fascination with the environment while studying at Dickinson College. She hopes to  later pursue an involvement in the field of public health with emphasis on environmental issues. She holds strong to the belief that nothing in the world exists independently and hopes to give back as much as she can in return for the health, love and opportunities she has received.

  • Favorite Food: sweet potatoes and pumpkins (Possibly more than Kerstin)
  • Greatest Adventure So Far: Traveling to and falling in love with Nepal
  • Hobbies: Growing sprouts and drinking tea


  1. Hello Katie, Kerstin, and Lauren, Hope all is well with your studies as you draw closer to graduation day. There are many fans here in Colorado who are aware of your upcoming tour, and will be looking for opportunities to join with you on the road, even lighten your load a bit, and be a small part of celebrating your great adventure. Meanwhile, enjoy each day and the relationships with the good friends that you have there at Dickinson. You will make many new lasting relationships on your tour as well, and they will sustain you along the way, and lead to future opportunities for each one of you. You have already earned much of the good will and karma that is waiting for you just over the next rise. Be well and ride on, Jack

  2. Hi girls, We talked to you at the roadside rest outside Riverton, Wy. IT was very nice to spend time with you. Good luck on your trip and take care. God bless you.

  3. Hi! What a fantastic adventure. I didn’t know about that bike trail, it looks amazing. Maybe it’s already somewhere else in the blog, but could you maybe write here a little more detail about your gears? Cheers and good luck!

    • We’ll be writing more about our gear in a week or so, so check the blog soon for an update! Good luck on your own bicycle adventures.

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