Posted by: localmotive2011 | May 31, 2011


We’re into our first week on the trail, adjusting to our routines.  The first two days were easy cruising along the flat coastline…but the hills have started. Here are some things we’ve learned so far:

1. Get up early and stop biking by at least 11am because it is HOT down here.

2. Street signs with names like “Ridge Way” are good clues (surprise!).

3. Those big electrical lines you see crossing through fields and forests are absurdly loud and scary to bike under.

4. It is completely possible to take a shower with a bar of Dr. Bronners and an outdoor faucet.

5. Churches and police stations make great campgrounds, as long as you avoid glaring overhead lights.

6. Keep an eye on the number of Clif Bars Katie is smuggling away into her handlebar bag.

Here are a few pictures from our start and along the way.

Getting our feet wet at Yorktown, VA


We made a stop in Williamsburg.


This was a cherry pit spitting contest at one point.

Home for the night.


One of about a hundred water refill breaks. Did we mention it's hot?

 Until next time,
Kerstin, Katie, and Lauren


  1. Loving the pics! Woohoo to Dr. Bronners and hydration!

  2. These picture look awesome! I miss you and hope you’re adjusting well to the trail. I hope you’re having an amazing time! Take care of yourselves and be safe! I will be thinking of you here, especially as a chase girl scouts around our garden hear.

    Peace and Love,

  3. Hi Ladies, maybe you should have considered traveling the Adventure Cycling Assc Northern Tier! There will be many more hot days, some cold, some 2 darn windy and many when you will be “on top of the world”! Too bad your so far south, ya coulda camped in our back yard! I rode E-W on Northern Tier in 2006 solo and it was the best. Good luck and safe travels. C2Cin2006

  4. Looks like you’re having fun! Keep it up ladies!


  5. Sounds like a great start. At least you’re getting the sticky heat out of the way early (in the trip and in the day)!

    Not sure if you want any pointers – but rest stops (out West only) are good places to sleep too. Not in the East – too much weirdness.

    Are you going to post photos in a separate section or just in the body of the blog?

    Did you set up a Facebook page for your trip?

    Happy Trails.

  6. Check out the maury river for a cool dip

  7. Keep biking hard, ladies!

  8. this ride is gonna be hard, but i know u girls can succed, u have the tenacity, perseverence and strong will to make it to the other side 🙂 good luck

  9. Good luck ladies. I did the same trip VA to OR with 2 other guys in 1981. You are in for the trip of a life time. Keep it upright!

  10. LOOOVEEE It! Wish I was with you incredible chicas!

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