Posted by: localmotive2011 | May 24, 2011

Goodbye college!

After finishing her last exam of sophomore year, Lauren headed to Maine with a sigh of relief… leaving Katie and Kerstin to enjoy the final week of their senior year preceding graduation on May 22. The two found plenty of time to explore some more cycling spots around Carlisle, including Creek Road and Kings Gap. Along the way they discovered this gorgeous railroad bridge!

The last week was a rainy one and they got caught in several deluges.. realized that their panniers were in no way whatsoever at all water resistant (key to image of Katie’s cellphone sitting in a puddle of water), and spent three days drying out their cycling shoes over an air duct.

Kerstin taking a break before racing a thunderstorm home

However, the two were able to make it to May 22 without too many mishaps and are now proud GRADUATES of Dickinson College! Stay tuned for more updates before the three of us leave from Yorktown, VA on May 29!

Kerstin and Katie before graduation with the other Treehouse seniors


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