Posted by: localmotive2011 | May 11, 2011

It’s spring!

The Localmotive Tour starts in just under three weeks and we are working hard to finalize everything! Discussions, held late at night after studying for exams, include heated debates surrounding hygiene products (“Does Dr. Bronners really have 18 uses?, “What on EARTH is a pee rag??”) and a whole lot of note taking about daily mileage, gear, and all of the neat places along the way that we just have to fit in.

Late night planning session

We love maps!

On April 30, we tabled at Dickinson College’s annual Earthfest in order to raise further awareness and funds for our journey. The day was wonderful as students soaked in the sun, listened to live music, and participated in a variety of activities provided by student organizations. Professor Greg Howard stopped by to share some bike maintenance tips.

Tabeling at Earthfest

Greg shows us how to fix a broken bike chain and remove spokes

 This week we headed out for a few training rides. To simulate travelling with a full load we filled our panniers with textbooks and hoped for the  best as our legs burned on the big hills. On Saturday a good friend, Avery, showed us one of her favorite 25 mile loops in the area which led us through the backroads and country lanes North of Carlisle. The whole valley is alive and green with the onset of spring. Soon the fields will be planted and another summer will begin. We are looking forward to May 29!

Lauren holding the books she'll use to weigh down her panniers during one of our training rides

Avery comes biking with us!

While trying to take a nice picture Lauren pulls out one of her infamous tickle attacks


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