Posted by: localmotive2011 | December 14, 2010

Benefit Concert

On Saturday, December 4, two bands from Boston, Old Abram Brown and Wildfowl, performed in the Dickinson College Depot as part of a benefit concert to support the Localmotive Bike Tour 2011.  The concert was sponsored by the Treehouse, WDCV and the SQUARE and MOB.  Although a five dollar suggested donation was suggested we found people to be very generous and ended up raising close to $200!  In response to the donations, each treehouse member has pledged 10 hours of community service.  The concert was a success not only as a fundraiser event, but also as a way to spread awareness on campus about our endeavor next summer.  Moreover, the concert was immensely fun; the bands were amazing and the crowd seemed to really enjoy them.  We are very thankful for the bands that performed, all of the sponsors of the concert, and especially to everyone who donated to our bike tour!

At the concert we also gave away stickers with our logo on it designed by Sharon Perrone for donations of $1.00 or more.  If you would like a sticker, feel free to contact us.


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